Pet Baroque Petite Sofa in Powder Pink


Petite Sofa in Powder Pink – £329.99


Luxury designer pet bed for cats, small dogs and other small pets

Petite Sofa in Powder Pink colour looks so adorable and gentle.
 Just perfect for all those little posh princesses and their glam owners!

Only the best is good enough for your precious pet and we know it. A stylish contemporary and comfortable pet bed Petite Sofa has been specially designed for sophisticated high-end customers and their pampered smaller pets, like cats and small dogs. It creates a perfect sleeping, resting or even grooming spot for your beloved pet. It looks ultra sleek and is made of high quality materials. Finally, a top aestetic piece of pet furniture is here! It enriches your life and your home with its minimalistic modern, yet timeless elegance.

54 cm x 21 cm /// 21.3″ x 8.3″ side view
54 cm x 54 cm /// 21.3″ x 21.3″ top view

– truly modern and sleek minimalistic look
– beautiful round shape, that animals always consider natural and friendly
– slightly elevated yet easily accessible open sleeping area
– scratch proof and extreemly durable plastic base, handpainted with 3 layers of colour and additional laquer coating for protection and excellent surface durability
– removable cushion with zipper and detachable cover for easy washing
– cushion with elegant decorative edge piping
– felt bottom protection with four adjustable legs
– serial number and certificate of authenticity

Product weight: 5.5 kg / 12.12 lbs
Max. weight: 12 kg / 26.46 lbs
Designer: Sophia V. Goldman, part of the d`Bouquet designer duo
Year of design: 2012
European Design & Quality. Made in EU.kOuR6wlJtZMdrd242tBE4Oq-BKQxsdLKwDDALq9wGS0.jpegJf5_h6AWhUrKZK66MOsoFVXnVThcyp-fanb0FXt4zOg.jpeg


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