Our Fave Designers Bowl & Bone & Petbo


The Bowl & Bone Republic brand was created out of real passion and love for dogs. They put a lot of heart and attention into every detail.

The products Bowl & Republic create are not only beautiful but also practical and above all, of the highest quality.

Their philosophy is simple – every dog deserves a healthy, comfortable and happy life.
And every dog owner deserves the opportunity to provide their dog with what is best!





Designer Playhouses for Cats.  A purrfect hiding place for your feline friend!



Cats, being predators by nature, need a place to hide and be able to observe their surroundings from without being disturbed or noticed.

Through extensive testing and development Petbo have created a product for your precious feline to play, hide, nap or observe their kingdom from.

A touch of Scandinavian design to decorate your home. The playhouses are specially designed with attractive prints to accessorise any home perfectly rather than being just a playground for pets.

100% Environmentally friendly

Petbo playhouses are made of every cat’s favorite material, cardboard. They are 100% recyclable and environmentally-friendly. By using the highest quality cardboard they can assure that it is sturdy and resistant. Your pet can throw a party in it and it will still look great, even years after purchase.

Complimentary scratchboard and easily assembled in less than 1 minute.

Each playhouse comes with a thoroughly tested and very much loved scratchboard – now your cat will finally leave your furniture alone!

All playhouses come with a 30-day full guarantee. If you feel that this playhouse does not add value to your home or to your precious furry friend, the only thing you need to do is to send it back to us and we will transfer you the full amount. That is how sure we are you and your pet will love it.


Jolly & Bea’s – March 16


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